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Online Advertising Sucked. We Made It Better.

AdHawk is the easiest way to manage your digital advertising across channels like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

We eliminate the confusion associated with cross-channel advertising by aggregating all of your data onto one beautiful dashboard that updates in real time. The days of pouring hours into spreadsheets are over.

Optimize Your Ad Accounts With One Click.

It’s a 10 click journey to find your top performing cities or states on Google AdWords. That’s 10 clicks, to find 1 data point, on just 1 platform. Who has time for that?

AdHawk analyzes your advertising channels to find trends in the data. When we find an opportunity to improve your account performance, we’ll send you an optimization suggestion that you can accept or reject in one click.

Your Most Important Ad Data When You Need It.

Take a quick peek at your performance on the way to the office. Optimize campaigns with one click over lunch. Dig into your data and get a little dirty when you’re at your desk.

AdHawk lets you customize your desktop dashboard with the most relevant metrics to your business. All your changes are recorded so you quickly understand the specific changes that caused an increase or decrease in your performance.


We're a team of digital advertising nerds with experience working at Google, AdGenomics, and various advertising agencies. Our love for digital advertising is only surpassed by our frustration from watching businesses waste millions of dollars advertising online.

Our team is on a mission - to fix digital advertising with software, rather than with thousands of account managers.

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