Pocket-sized performance marketer
AdHawk Assistant

Meet your pocket-sized performance marketer

Cell phone displaying data-driven optimizations
Identify your ideal customer in one click

The moment AdHawk identifies statistically significant trends, it sends smart recommendations detailing what insight it found and the precise optimization that needs to be made.

Once you review and accept an optimization tip, the change is automatically made in your account. Our data-driven optimizations leave no metric behind.

Machine learning optimization in real time

Link your Google Ads account to AdHawk Assistant and sit back as we analyze the trends in your data that have the biggest impact on your performance.

As we study your ad campaign’s performance, we’ll figure out what’s working - and what isn’t. Over time, AdHawk Assistant will build a knowledge set unique to your business, and develop a custom plan to help you achieve maximum ROI.

Machine learning optimization

Streamline your campaign optimization

  • Keyword Optimization & Management Keyword optimization and management
  • Key marketing insights Key marketing insights
  • Find your perfect customer Find your perfect customer
  • Campaign restructuring Campaign restructuring
  • Ads in the right place at the right time Ads in the right place at the right time

Everything you need to accelerate your growth online

One-click optimizations
  • Dayparting
  • Keyword optimization
  • Budget reallocation
  • Best-audience locator
  • Right-device delivery
  • and more...
Real-time reporting
  • Mobile app dashboard
  • Customizable web dashboard
  • Weekly PDF email reports
Expert support
  • 24/5 email support
  • In-app chat support
  • Unlimited user "seats" for you and your team

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