AdHawk Helps Online Educator Phlearn Achieve a 7x Return on Facebook Ad Spend

An AdHawk Case Study

In 2011, Aaron Nance began posting Adobe Photoshop tutorials to YouTube. 7 years later, his online education company Phlearn has amassed one of the largest audiences of design-focused learners on the web.

When it came to marketing premium course material, though, Aaron and CEO Seth Kravitz struggled to monetize after years of producing professional-grade free content. With lots of options to choose form, the Phlearn team turned to Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to promote their paid Photoshop courses online.

Aaron, Seth, and his team of Photoshop professionals had no shortage of jaw-dropping creative assets, but when it came to driving returns, they ran into a couple of major issues preventing their success. “We found ourselves constantly struggling to test and create the necessary amount of Facebook ad variations needed to get the lowest CPCs and highest CTRs” Seth admits.

Professional-Grade Ad Creatives Aren’t Enough

Many advertisers believe an eye-catching creative image and clear offer are all you need to have success on Facebook and Google. But for Seth and Phlearn, “managing everything manually was a painful process” as they struggled to find out what was truly working.

Seth read about “savvy marketers automating much of their bidding and their ad copy testing, all while driving incredibly low cost traffic” which is when he realized they were doing something “very wrong”.

Phlearn wanted to test their ads, drive more traffic, and most importantly, spend less time doing it. “We wanted to have our cake and eat it too. I didn’t think that was possible until I saw AdHawk and their PRO services, so I figured it had to be worth a try,” says Seth.

Achieving a 7x Return with AdHawk Managed Services

Seth needed a combination of automated ad optimization and hands-on support from marketing professionals who could help build a solid foundation for success. After a quick onboarding phone call, the AdHawk algorithm immediately started processing Phlearn’s historical ad data while his dedicated account manager brainstormed ad strategy, structured campaigns, and confirmed conversion tracking was running properly.

Since integrating AdHawk into their digital advertising strategy, Phlearn’s uptick in performance is proof of AdHawk’s ability to greatly improve campaign performance.

For the past 5 months, AdHawk’s Facebook retargeting campaigns have been producing a “ridiculous” 5x to 7x return on ad spend for Phlearn.

Phenomenal performance and quality of service.

Seth Kravitz, CEO @ Phlearn

But AdHawk is doing much more than just converting past website visitors for Phlearn. “AdHawk is allowing us to reach a much broader audience on Facebook and helping us capture even more Google traffic we might have missed otherwise. We are expanding beyond our existing customer base and reaching new customers consistently, now”, says Seth.

For Seth, it’s the “phenomenal performance and quality of service” that sets AdHawk apart from the other tools out there to manage PPC ads. He now has 15 hours of his week back, and a newfound understanding of how to grow his business through paid advertising.

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