Home Driveway Repair Service Poly Lift Earns $8 for every $1 spent on Google AdWords

An AdHawk Case Study

Mike Pallagi’s concrete repair service fulfills a very specific need encountered by many homeowners in the United States.

Have you ever tripped over an uneven sidewalk?



Driveways, sidewalks, and garage floors naturally sink into the ground, becoming uneven and causing a wide range of problems for store-front businesses and homeowners everywhere.

Replacing a driveway or section of sidewalk with a contractor or concrete company typically costs $7K-$15K. Mike’s company, Poly Lift USA, uses injection technology to level uneven concrete surfaces for as little as $1,500. The process also takes far less time - only a few hours for small and medium sized projects.

On paper, Mike’s services are the best option for homeowners in Florida. But most homeowners seek out contractors and aren’t familiar with Mike’s service.

Developing New Marketing Tactics to Drive Leads

Before advertising online, Mike was using print advertising, his referral network, the occasional local SEO agency, and popular cost-per-lead services. Poly Lift looked to AdWords to both educate their target audience of their solution and provide an easy way for them to book a consultation on their website.

“The initial setup with AdWords express was so simple. I put in keywords relevant to my business, set a budget, and was launched!”

Perhaps a little TOO simple, according to Mike: “I knew I probably was not running it as efficiently as I could be.”

Mike needed to be out discovering new territories to expand towards, not dissecting an AdWords dashboard.

Success and Failure with a Marketing Agency

Since completing his first concrete lifting job in 2015, Mike has tried out a number of SEO and PPC Agencies to generate more leads.

Along with a $500 per month budget on AdWords, Mike was paying $199 per month or so for these services. Mike admitted that it was never much money, but the work they did always fell short of his goals.

Mike wanted an expert who knows AdWords the way he knows concrete.

Mike saw one of our educational webinars about how to leverage AdWords for your business and figured it was worth booking a call with the AdHawk team.

Source: HawkTalks Episode 2

Getting Started and Bidding Against Big-Budget Competitors

In our initial call, we knew there was much more than $500 per month of opportunity for Poly Lift, but a careful strategy was needed to scale profitably.

One of the biggest challenges business owners face on AdWords is the stiff competition. Poly Lift needed someone with intimate knowledge of how display and search can be leveraged together to get around the expensive competition.

We matched Mike with Alex Doña, an ex-Googler and current Senior Account Manager here in New York City.

“Traditionally, home service providers won’t do that well on a search network with display select campaign” Alex cautioned. But in our initial 3-month testing period, Alex leveraged his years of experience and our internal optimization tools to triple their Click-Through-Rate and maintain the same traffic quality leading to qualified phone calls and bookings.

Last month alone, online advertising gave Mike a 57% boost in qualified jobs completed.

The Impact of AdHawk’s AdWords Management Service on Business Growth

After 11 months of working with Alex and AdHawk’s internal optimization software, Poly Lift is generating consistent deal flow month after month.

In fact, things are going so well that Poly Lift is planning to expand its service area to Atlanta, Charlotte, and a huge effort in the summer of 2018 to double their coverage in their home state of Florida.

Poly Lift's projected growth after 11 months with AdHawk

“AdHawk’s goals are the same as mine: generate as much business as possible.”

Mike Pallagi, President @ Poly Lift

When we started working with Poly Lift, they were spending $500 a month and not sure how much business was coming from that money.

Today, we’re generating $8 in new business for every $1 spent on ads. This comes from an ad budget that has grown from his newfound profits to $5,000 per month.

Poly Lift's spend and online revenue growth while working with AdHawk

Mike’s pretty happy with the direction of his business today.

“AdHawk’s goals are the same as mine: generate as much business as possible. We’re expanding our fleet by 150% to expand from Central and Southern Florida to Atlanta and Charlotte. We only talk if I have issues, and we haven’t had to talk in a few months.”

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