Fashion Brand Simply Carbon Fiber Scales from $1k to $70k Per Month During 2-Year Partnership with AdHawk

An AdHawk Case Study

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Hear the full story from Simply Carbon Fiber founders, Dirk Abinakad & Sergio Abi-Naked

About the Brand

Simply Carbon Fiber is a fashion brand that specializes in making carbon fiber accessories, wallets, key chains, phone cases, watches, sunglasses, pretty much anything you can think of– just out of carbon fiber – at an affordable price.

Simply Carbon Fiber started in October of 2014 when Sergio ordered a batch of carbon fiber money clips with the last $300 in his bank account. That night, they sold all the inventory and started reinvesting everything back, buying more inventory, and letting the cycle continue. Four months later, Dirk and Sergio expanded to key chains which also did really well.

Branded Search SERPS Domination

Simply Carbon Fiber now has over 190 carbon fiber accessories and goods on their website. They products have been featured by DJ Khalid, Rick Ross, and a lot of other notable celebrities.

Credit: @Simply Carbon Fiber™

Finding the Right Marketing Partners

Here’s what Dirk and Sergio had to say about their growing pains, finding the right marketing partners, and achieving huge milestones in 2018:

We’ve been through so many different logos, through so many different companies, through so many different partners that we worked with to help us expand. I believe now, we stand with very good partners, like AdHawk. We initially heard about AdHawk before they had even launched, through a prelaunch campaign. Once AdHawk launched, we got the email and I believe we immediately hopped on a call with Todd. Ever since then, we’ve been working with Todd, and even referring clients over to AdHawk. We’ve been pretty happy with the results.

We had worked with an agency that focused on our Google Ads account before AdHawk, and we were spending heavily. Every time we hopped on a call with them, they would tell us Google takes a long time to generate a return on ad spend. That was kind of fishy to us. We figured out that agency kind of just messed it all up for us. We didn’t really see results, and we were spending heavily.

Certainly, the communication was off. They would sometimes charge us more without really telling us why. It was just not a good experience. They really didn’t see the vision with where we wanted to take the brand. So we had to kind of pull back from them.

When we started with AdHawk we were spending $1,000 a month. This year, we broke $70,000 in spend. It’s pretty exciting growing with a team that sees our vision and supports it.

Dirk, Co-Founder @ Simply Carbon Fiber

Obviously, we were pretty scared to go and outsource our marketing spend again. Plus, after hearing stories and reading reviews, we thought everyone would be like our first agency, just taking your money, until we found AdHawk. We had a very small monthly budget when we started with AdHawk, and we started scaling up from there. I remember one day, Todd was telling us to spend over $1000, and we kind of still weren’t ready for that. So, we kind of gave it a shot and then kept on asking Todd questions to make sure everything is legit.

When we started with AdHawk, we were just at a base level spend. We were spending $1000 a month, and that was back in 2017. This year, we just broke $70,000 in spend last month. It’s pretty exciting growing with a team that’s seeing our vision and supporting it. Our metric for quarter three with Google has been a .9x on our search return on our ad spend, and roughly around a 2x return on our ad spend for the whole account itself. Last month, we hit almost $80,000 in spend for Google and this next quarter, we plan to do at least three times more. We’re projecting around a $6 million in sales this year.

Dynamic Remarketing on Google Display

Having a good marketing partner by our side enabled us, and especially me, to creatively go out there and produce more content to share with our audience and our fans of the brand. So, we’re pretty thankful that we have found a very select few transparent people that we added to our team.

Because of having strategic partners work with us, we have been able to find better manufacturers to work with, manufacturers to scale better with. Being able to design products and think of designs every single day. We were definitely looking for someone who’s dedicated, sees the vision, very honest, very transparent with their work. We found AdHawk to work with, so we stuck with them. We’ve worked with them now for almost two years, and we plan to work with them for many more years to come.

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